§AME hut is a nomadic design studio seeking new (and ancient) visual narratives.
is a twin collaboration (Pietro&Carlo Spini) that combine complementary skills and expertises in a multifaceted laboratory:
the Hut.

In the Hut prevail mutual respect, design ethics and rigor in the process, moreover, as a cultural disseminator, the hut is bound by an eco-social responsibility in inputs and outputs.
The hut is a space always open to new collaborations, we look forward to open a channel with you, (see if we are in the same area).

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§AME hut

§AME hut


Grobund is a toolkit designed for supporting the creation of “Communities in transition” by systemically mapping the vision, values, and mission of the project. The tool also trains the decision-making processes by creating a stronger governance methodology, and supporting the resolution of critical challenges that arise during the process.

Through the use of gamification devices, the toolkit investigates new ways of making a shared decision within groups, and boosting resilience in front of future challenges. The outcome is designed to be spreadable and open source for easy printing and free use.

The project is inspired by Grobund, a danish project founded in 2017. The community is based on alternative socio-economic models, with the potential of generating local innovation and strong autonomy.

Through a process of ethnographic research, field observation, interviews, and workshops was possible to understand the culture, vision, strength, and week-points of the project.

For Who?
Grobund ︎ DesignSchool Kolding

Ebeltoft, Denmark