§AME hut is a nomadic design studio seeking new (and ancient) visual narratives.
is a twin collaboration (Pietro&Carlo Spini) that combine complementary skills and expertises in a multifaceted laboratory:
the Hut.

In the Hut prevail mutual respect, design ethics and rigor in the process, moreover, as a cultural disseminator, the hut is bound by an eco-social responsibility in inputs and outputs.
The hut is a space always open to new collaborations, we look forward to open a channel with you, (see if we are in the same area).

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§AME hut

§AME hut

Forest Narratives

Danish landscape is characterized by fields, forests, grey sky, and moss everywhere.

Learning from Moss starts as speculative research, that questions this prehistoric organism and its relation with the biosphere around it, can we learn something from it?.

Biomimesis is a scientific practice that observes natural phenomena to inspire human innovation (like the first airplane was inspired by a bird). Through laboratory analysis and sensorial observations, we could comprehend the hidden behaviours of this particular living being, like its adaptive capabilities and symbiotic qualities becoming one of the most critical characteris of the forest, as a water regulator and seeds incubator. The experience was documented and the outcomes were communicated.

For Who?
DesignSchool Kolding

Kolding, Denmark