§AME hut is a nomadic design studio seeking new (and ancient) visual narratives.
is a twin collaboration (Pietro&Carlo Spini) that combine complementary skills and expertises in a multifaceted laboratory:
the Hut.

In the Hut prevail mutual respect, design ethics and rigor in the process, moreover, as a cultural disseminator, the hut is bound by an eco-social responsibility in inputs and outputs.
The hut is a space always open to new collaborations, we look forward to open a channel with you, (see if we are in the same area).

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§AME hut

§AME hut

Rustici in Transizione

"as I followed the river in the direction of the lagoon, I got lost in the meandering Venetian countryside, in that limbo where water mixes with land, "Reviving the past, hosting the present and speaking to the future.”

Research (#storytelling, #architecture, #anthropology) that aims to reactivate the "rustico" (rural building typical of the Venetian landscape) as social-architecture: imagining it as transitional “hubs,”(#innovation, #resilience) based on the principle of community(#callaboration), capable of activating processes of territorial regeneration, and evoking a heritage in "danger of collapse.”

The magazine was presented at Fabrica research center (Treviso, VE). through an immersive Installation (#visual #audio, #food) presenting the investigation process.

For Who?
Fabrica Research center

Catena di Villorba, TV